Friday, January 25, 2008

The Chase near Thor.

A 37 year old Fort Dodge man was arrested after a chase that started just south of Thor in Humboldt County yesterday afternoon. Trooper Kevin Mills says William Charles Ervin Curtis was driving a 1984 Chevrolet Pick Up
and was clocked going 76 in a 55 zone on Humboldt County road P-66, a chase took place on gravel roads to an area southwest of Goldfield, Trooper Mills says Curtis went into a ditch at a "Y" intersection, the driver put the vehicle into four wheel drive and got out by repeatedly going into drive and reverse, a short time later after going into a field Curtis then fled on foot through timber, across the Boone River, to
a junk yard where he was tracked down hiding under a piece of tin. Trooper Mills says Curtis was wanted on two arrest warrants out of Webster County. He was jailed in Humboldt County and faces numerous charges related to the chase in Humboldt and Wright Counties.

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