Tuesday, December 11, 2007

School Board follow up notes.

The Algona School Board talked finances as they met in monthly session Monday night. School Superintendent Marty Fonley says there is one point two million dollars in overspending that must be worked out as time passes through various means; he says the School Board talked about bringing in a financial advisor from the Iowa Association of School Boards and also some consultation with the State Department of Education in Des Moines
to help pave the way. Fonley says the solution is not short term but needs to be stretched out over time. The yearly budget process will begin to take shape after the first of the New Year and be finalized in March or April.
Both Chairs of the Facility Study Committee spoke to
School Board and talked about the recommendations of making a Middle School addition to the High School and eventually closing one of the Elementary Buildings in town as the population level warrants. Fonley says both issues have been talked about before and there is no firm time table for taking action on either plan at this point.

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